Contrasting the Contemporary Hipster with the Classical Hippie

1915 Words Oct 15th, 2013 8 Pages
Professor: Peter Barnes
Student: Isaac Coriat
Date: September 29, 2013

Comparative Essay: Contemporary Hipsters and Classic Hippies

Throughout the years people always had the need to express their individuality, and the way its been done has constantly varied in multiple dimensions. Of course time has played a key role but it’s not been the only determinant. It seems for societal changes to occur on a prolific wave-like manner, infecting people, giving them a sense of identification with the current wave of expression. Although somewhat consistent, the unstructured nature of the act allows for individual creativity to take place and perhaps be distinguished enough to influence other people in the same circle; characters who
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It is not unusual for subcultures to receive criticism, its very common in fact. Hippies and Hipsters both occupied the spotlight in opinion sections and gave quite a bit to write about for column writers in popular newspapers and political figures of the epoch. More often attracting criticism over praise, both subcultures have been scrutinized by society deeming them unfit, going against the odds when attempting to occupy serious leadership positions. It is a predictable reaction by the widely educated/social elite, and with reason, since both Hippies and Hipsters are rebellious subcultures with its core roots set on going against mainstream culture. Both acting with an unquestionable desire to reject the predesigned path society has designed and come to expect from all; in this sense Hippies and Hipsters could be viewed as twins separated at birth, then thrown into different decades of time and connected only by a blind hate that's unbound by time.

In the 1960’s the first image of a man growing his hair was perceived as a sign of homosexuality, but this way of thought changed. “One young man responded after being questioned about his unkempt appearance: Growing hair does not mean that I

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