Contrast the Life of the Heian-Era Courtier with That of the Kamakura Samurai.

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1. Compare and contrast Medieval Europe with Medieval Japan using examples from three levels of society.
• The feudal system of Japan and the feudal system of Europe shared similar structures and values.
• The two feudal systems differed in many ways. These differences can be seen in the areas of religion, literature, and the role of women.
• The impact of both Japanese and European feudalism is still felt today.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION What similarities did the feudal societies in Europe and Japan share?
Japanese and European feudalism shared a number of similarities—both in political structure and in social values.
Two Feudal Systems Both the European and Japanese feudal systems developed as a result of a weak central government.
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Although the feudal systems of Japan and Europe had many similarities, they also were different. Among the key differences were those involving religion, literature, and the role of women.
Religion Both knights and samurai were expected to be deeply religious. However, the two groups of warriors practiced different religions. Knights were Christians. Christianity is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. As you read in Chapter 8, samurai practiced ancient Shintoism as well as a form of Buddhism known as Zen. Buddhism is based on the teachings of the Buddha.
Literature The literature in feudal Europe and Japan also differed. Poetry thrived in both Medieval Europe and Medieval Japan. However, the types of poetry that gained popularity in each land were anything but similar. Poetry called haiku became popular in feudal Japan. Haiku are short poems that follow a common pattern (three lines with five, seven, and five syllables per line). Most haiku deal with nature.
In Europe, the epic poem became popular. An epic poem is a long poem usually about warriors or heroes. The poems often include legends and myths and heroes with superhuman qualities. Famous European epics include Beowulf and The Song of Roland.
Lyric poetry was also a significant part of European literature. These poems resemble songs. Most lyric poetry praises women and ideal love. Poet-musicians called troubadours usually wrote such poems.
Women in Europe While lyric poetry praised

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