The Character Creon In Sophocles Antigone

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Creon and Antigone The play Antigone includes various characters with different attitudes and feelings towards each other. Two of the main characters are Creon and Antigone; each one have their own way of expressing themselves and way of treating each other in how they communicate. Usually, when the thought of “treat each other” comes to mind it often means how much respect you give to one person and whether they return it back in great manners. However, the way you treat someone can also be the opposite of respect, it can be in a horrible manner by considering the other person with insolence. In other words, the behavior shown between one person and the other is the way in how they treat each other. Around 441 BC, Sophocles wrote the Antigone tragedy. In the play, Polynices and Eteocles were sons of Oedipus and Jocasta; they were the two brothers of the leading …show more content…
She is the opposite to her ecstatic sister Ismene; unlike her submissive sister, she is ashen, reserved, and headstrong. She has a youthful figure and oaths her adolescence. She is the contrast version of the overdramatic heroine, the representative blond ingénue as personified in Ismene. She has always been problematic, frightening Ismene as a juvenile, always claiming on the satisfaction of her desires, denying to “understand” the bounds located on her. She had a strong jealousy of Ismene. Unlike Antigone, Ismene is the object of all men’s desires. Antigone has a different type of beauty compared to Ismene such as her doing something for her brother that nobody else would do risking his or her life. Even though Ismene and Antigone have different ways of seeing things, they still connect in how they are blood-related sisters. Although, they are not the only characters involved in the play; Creon, the ruler of Thebes is also involved with

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