Islam: Similarities And Differences Between Christianity And Islam

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Christianity and Islam
In the religions of Christianity and Islam, there are many differences. Each of these religions has its own beliefs and practices that differ from the other’s beliefs and practices. Some differences between the two religions are their practices, scriptures, and their belief of God.
Christianity consists of individuals who believe in the mission of Jesus Christ. Followers of Christianity, called Christians, believe Jesus Christ is “The Son” of the Holy Trinity. They believe he walked the earth in the form of man. Christianity was formed in 28-33 C.E. (Christianity vs. Islam). It has existed for about two thousand years (Levinson, 56 and 109). Christianity was formed in the Roman Province of Judea. Christians believe
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Muslims believe that Allah’s teachings were recorded by the god’s last prophet, Muhammad (Christianity vs. Islam). The Islamic religion teaches that God endowed humanity with a good, purposeful nature and with a deep inner awareness of God (Montville). Eighty-five percent of Muslims are Sunni Muslims. The main religious text is the Qur’an, but another significant text is the Sunna, which is a collection of narrations about Muhammad’s life, traditions, and sayings given to him. There are three basic beliefs of the Islamic religion. The first one is that Allah revealed his will to Muhammad and that his words are recorded in the Qur’an. The second basic belief of Islam is the profession of faith, which states that “There is no God but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.” The third and final belief of the Islamic religion is that there is an obligation to perform certain duties to ensure that one may enter into paradise. The word Islam means “he who submits.” The official founder of the Islamic faith is Muhammad. The religion began in the Middle East and within one hundred years, it spread to Asia and Africa. Islam is the second largest religion in the world (Levinson 56 and 109). It was formed between 610-622 C.E. The religion is based on tawheed, or oneness with God. Muslims believe in only one God, and that God is the one true creator (Christianity vs. Islam). The ultimate authority of all Muslims is …show more content…
In both religions, Jesus is a very important figure (Christianity vs. Islam). Both religions hold Jesus in high esteem, and believe that he entered the world in a miraculous manner. They also both believe that he worked mighty deeds on earth, and that his second coming will be spectacular (Ally). Another thing that they have in common is that both Christianity and Islam share the belief that one God created the universe and rules over it (Ellis and Esier,

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