Essay on Contract : Contract Creation And Enforcement

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Contract Creation and Enforcement Contracts are the critical elements of the everyday business operations, as they clearly define the positions of each party. Nonetheless, some legal issues have a tendency to exist due to the complicated structure and the vitality of the particular elements for the contract creation. The primary purpose of this paper is to discover the nature of the contract formation and enforcement by analysis the essential elements for the contract establishment, Statute of Frauds, legal and equitable remedies, and void, voidable, express and implied contracts.
Essential Elements of Contract Contracts play the role of regulators of sufficient relations in the business world (Emerson, 2009). Nonetheless, the contracts have to comply with the particular principles in order to be formed. In this instance, the elements will help resolve conflicts between the parties. An agreement is the first one, and it implies that the parties have to agree to the fundamental rights and obligations of each party (Miller, 2014). This approach defines the interactions between the parties from the legal perspective and helps avoid misunderstandings while functioning together or completing the project. Nonetheless, this aspect implies that the contract has to consist out of offer, acceptance, and consideration to establish a legal relationship between the parties (Burnett & Bath, 2009). In the end, these principles are the essentialities for the contract formation, as…

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