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Contract Analysis: Case Study
The Marshall situation may be complicated since there is an implied contract as well as a written contract involved. I would ensure an end of the agreement first through Biblical approach then if necessary by legal means. My son was still a minor while signing the contract and I was entitled to knowledge of the written consent before the signing. Even though Marshall is not a Christian, Proverbs 15:31 (NIV) applies to those in the wrong, “Whoever heeds life-giving correction will be at home among the wise”. I have a Biblical obligation to ask Marshall to make it right first before involving the legal system.
My son’s age does have relevance. In most states, if a minor turns 18 and does not act to void a contract
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Under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), there is an implied obligation of good faith (39 Tulsa L., 2003-2004). Additionally UCC governs contracts, “A buyer, although unsure of its precise future needs, receives an assurance of a continuous supply of goods at a fixed price” (39 Tulsa L. Rev. 711, 2003-2004). Since I have supplied grapes on a consistent basis in the past this might fall under UCC. The complaint would be in the event that my company pursues the opportunity to form an agreement with another company and not continuing to supply grapes to …show more content…
Not necessarily contract law, but the pressure that of Marshall’s suggestion that contact needed to be signed immediately was “duress, undue influence and misrepresentation” (Bronaugh, Neyers, & Pitel, 2009, p. 20) left my company without the means of free choice. An employee may be eligible to be an apparent power depending on his or her authority within the company (Blum, 2007). The authority of a part-time deliveryman is not sufficient enough to bind the company to a contract based on his or her actions.
Every aspect of the Marshall case would have far-reaching implications on how he explores the faith. For a new member of a faith, there is a high likelihood that he associates the faith with those who ascribe to it. Furthermore the way that I handle the issue may determine the view that he may have about those of the Christian faith. Christianity is associated with honesty in daily life and all fields in which a person interacts with others. In business, the Christian faith expects one to be faithful to an agreement and to help out a friend or neighbor whenever they are in need (Garrett,

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