Contraceptive Methods For Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Essay

702 Words Oct 7th, 2016 3 Pages
Contraceptive methods protect you and allow you to enjoy sex and is the most effective method to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Are objects, substances and procedures used on a voluntary basis to regulate the reproductive ability of a person or couple in order to avoid unplanned pregnancy currently, the most important medical and social problems affecting youth are unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and the use of contraceptive methods can serve as a solution for both. Many people do not use them due to lack of adequate information. When it comes to contraception you can take the initiative - you do not have to wait for anyone else to take the first step. It helps to talk to a doctor about which contraceptive method is most appropriate for you to ensure you 're fully protected against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Sex is not playthings, but an action that can have different consequences, whether positive or negative, in our life. For better care for oneself is important to realize how serious it is an unwanted and reported sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy. We must consider that not for a fun time we will lose our lose life! Undoubtedly the inadequate contraceptive use does not guarantee that we avoid the consequence. We should think twice before getting a moment of pleasure. practicing sexuality is a right, but must be responsible for that reason it is essential knowledge of contraceptive methods to exercise a more…

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