Essay on Continuing Professional Development ( Cpd )

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Continuing professional development (CPD)
CPD is a term used to describe the opportunities in which individuals will take in order to develop and enhance their skills and abilities and it is the process of monitoring and documenting these skills and experience that are acquired either formally within the workplace or informally referring to elsewhere oppose to within their working environment. These skills may have been gained over the likes of training, and this process helps individuals to reflect and review on what they have learnt and achieved. A CPD needs to be a documented process written by an individual about themselves.
A CPD can bring many benefits including building the confidence of an individual as it is a document showing the progression they have made. Learning and development is tracked giving individuals an idea of what they already know and how they have progressed in these areas as well as highlighting gaps in knowledge too and setting targets in a hope that these gaps can be filled allowing goals to be achieved. A CPD is essentially a show case of achievements. This is a handy tool for the likes of appraisals and potential promotional prospects.
Induction Training
Induction training is usually given as an introduction for new employees when starting a job. This training will enable starters to be able to work and carry out their role in the correct way. Induction training is essential within businesses as it enables new recruitment to become productive…

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