Contingency Planning For Southern Healthcare Essay

1395 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Contingency Planning in Action Southern HealthCare is a corporation that focuses on delivering quality long-term care. The goal of Southern HealthCare is to provide a full range of extended care services, designed to maximize the well-being and independence of patients of all ages. There are more than fifty healthcare, hospice care, residential and assisted living, and rehabilitation facilities in five states. Southern HealthCare has locations in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and South Carolina. The number of employees at each facility range from fifty to a hundred and fifty. Even though Southern HealthCare provides help for thousands of people, it doesn’t exclude the organization from potential threats. The threats include viruses that could attack the system, health information breaches, power outages, man-made disasters, as well as natural disasters. This is why contingency planning efforts are necessary. Contingency planning basically prepares an organization for potential threats that could disrupt the normal operations of business or put employees in danger. The goal of a contingency plan is to safeguard data, minimize disruption and keep everyone as safe as possible (Phillips, n.d.). Contingency plans also minimize losses and prevents panic. “When a business experiences a disruption, whether it is a power outage or a natural disaster, a contingency plan helps minimize the loss of production. A contingency plan may consist of rerouting data, emergency…

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