Continental Computers Analysis Essay

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Continental Computers Corporation
Opportunity - Growth
Continental Computer Corporation (CCC) was a $9 billion a year corporation with worldwide operations encompassing just about every aspect of the computer field. Continental is considered one of the "giants" in computer technology development, and supplies equipment to other computer manufacturers.
Problem – Poor Organisational Structure
Our major problems first began to surface during the early nineties. When we restructured our organization, we assumed that each division would operate as a separate entity (i.e., strategic business unit) without having to communicate with one another except through corporate headquarters. Therefore, we permitted each of our division vice
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What had started out as a meeting to professionalize project management as a career path position, uniformly applied across all divisions seemed to have turned into a complaint session. The problems identified by Ed White now left people with the notion that there may be more pressing problems.

Eton Division
The Eton Division manufactures disk drives.
Opportunity - Growth
The growth rate of CCC had exceeded 13 percent per year for the last eight years, primarily due to the advanced technology developed by their Eton Division, which produces disk drives.
Problem – Poor Job description and Salary Structure
The consultant position came about because of a problem in our Eton Division. I would venture to say that in the entire computer world, the most difficult job is designing disk drives. These people are specialists in a world of their own. There are probably only 25 people in the world who possess this expertise. We have five of them here at Continental. If one of our competitors would come in here and lure away just two of these guys, we would literally have to close down the Eton Division.
Solution – Poor Job Description and Poor Salary Structure
So we've developed a consultant category. Now the word has spread and all of our engineers are applying for transfer to the Eton Division so as to become eligible for this new pay grade.
Problem - Organisational Structure
In our Eton Division, we have a somewhat weird project

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