Contextual Structure Of A Family

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Family Description
This family has two children. The oldest child is a three year old little girl, BK. The other child is an eighteen month old little boy, RK. The mother, AK who is thirty years old, is a volleyball coach, but outside of that is a stay-at-home mom. She has four siblings that are all younger than her, one sister and three brothers. Her brother the second oldest is TB who is twenty-eight years old, next is her sister MM who is twenty-five years old, then her brother TB who is twenty-one years old, and her youngest sibling is GB who is nineteen years old. The father, DK is thirty-one years old and has one sister, AF who is thirty-six years old. DK works for his family’s construction business, which he is part owner of. Since
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The contextual structure assists of ethnicity, race, social class, spirituality/religion and environment. (NURSING BOOK) The K family is an American family, but have a Finnish, French, German and Irish heritage. They have modern day American beliefs. Being a healthy family, the have minimal visits to the doctor’s office outside of yearly check ups, but will go in if they feel it is necessary. They come from a Christian background and still do believe in Christianity, however, they do not attend church on a regular basis. AK described her family as the higher end of the middle class. After getting married, AK and DK moved into a smaller home that they rented. Once they decided it was time to have kids, they upgraded and bought a five bedroom house with three acres of land. AK has a degree in elementary education and DK has a degree in construction management. The family is fortunate enough that DK makes enough money working to support their family that AK does not have to …show more content…
Each family has their own unique way of how they develop having to do with what their past has been like, how the present is, and also aspirations they have for the future or future plans. These things will all affect how the family will develop. There are three categories that need to be discussed about the development of the family. The first is the stage of development that the family is in. Second we have the tasks of the family members and how these tasks help the family to develop over time. Lastly we have the attachments that will help depict a better understanding of the different roles that each family member plays in the family’s development and the stages they are

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