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Pelle the Conqueror - A Motivation to pursue social democracy In the early twentieth century, a famous Danish writer Martin Andersen Nexo wrote many literature masterpieces to depict the life of working class in Scandinavian countries. Pelle the Conqueror Volume 01, one of his most reputational works which he described as “ the novel of the first organized stage of labor’s development,” ( Thompson, 1) has won the fame of the world and given people the inspirational power to fight for their freedom and human rights. More importantly, his works accurately reflect the period when people in the lower class, especially workers had experienced the oppression of the upper class and reveal the beginning of socialist movement in European …show more content…
However, the competition of machine-made goods and the trend of industrialization lead to the situation that many workers fell into proletariats again and they experienced intolerable working condition since the owners of factories exploited the toil of their apprentices. The towns were filled with poverty, unemployment, and disease (Johanson, 1). To fight for their human rights again, they started establish unions and used strikes and other tools or improve their working condition. Pelle, the main character of this novel, had experienced similar situations and eventually he became the leader of union. This true story shows the beginning of the epic of labor during the industrialization period. The significance of this novel is that it awakens people’s sense of human rights and inspires more people to fight for it. Pelle’s had experienced many misfortunes in the early periods of his life but succeeded eventually. His experience encourages more people to start to devote themselves in the career of labor movement. One important reason his works had a significance influence in Western society is that the Grundtvigan idealism found in his works is not influenced by Strindberg, Zola or other Western European authors. His novels reveal a humane occidental tradition which in different from Western ideology seeing from many perspectives ( Thompson, 1). Like the experience of Pelle, Nexo also had a difficult life. He was living a period of social and political

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