Context and History of Conflict Paper

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Context and History of Conflict Paper
This essay will discuss the issues between two people, Robert and Denise Patton, along with how these issues affect their two children. To enable an understanding of the problem a summary of the nature and history of the conflict has been given. In addition, a look at the interaction of interests, goals, and the power of each party allows an understanding of each person’s position and role in the conflict as well as personal attempts at resolution of the problem. In working to resolve this conflict there will be strategies discussed which, if Robert and Denise are willing to apply, could help them resolve the conflicts that they are facing in their marriage.
Summary of the Nature and History of
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Context of Conflict
The context of the conflict is that two parents have separated after a long marriage resulting from arising conflicts in the marriage. The couple has two children; one who is almost an adult, and the other is a young child who seems to have trouble with his energy at home and at school. The conflict started to occur more frequently and more harshly as their second child started having problems in school.
One parent, the mother, believes that there is something wrong with him and that he requires special attention with him all the time. A child with these kinds of behaviors would become costly and would require significant attention. The other parent believes that his son is just spoiled and requires normal attention and discipline. He further believes that these luxuries have left his son vulnerable with a lack of awareness for his surroundings. Whether or not the parents are splitting, they were a team trying to provide for their two children. “When managing conflicts, collectivist cultures place more emphasis on the avoidance and accommodation of conflicts because collectivists value harmony, security, and conformity” (Hong, 2008).
Interactions of Interests, Goals, and Power
The interests, goals, and power of both parents are that they cannot stand each other and need space in to function. One believes that he does not receive enough attention from his family and wife, and that

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