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Content Owners’ Manual
Everything you need to know about being a Content Owner
What is a Content Owner?
Every page on the MTO Internet has a content owner. The content owner of a page is a person from an appropriate program or policy area of the ministry who is responsible for ensuring that the page remains relevant and up-to-date.
Creating and maintaining webpages is a lot of work so it is important to consider the purpose of the content. Ask yourself, does this content need to be on the web? Rather than placing content on the web “for the sake of it”, all content should have a specific business goal that it fulfills. For every page you are the content owner of, you should be able to clearly state the purpose it will serve its intended audience. If you cannot, consider revising it to fulfill a clear and necessary purpose or simply archive the content.
Creating Content
To create a new webpage you need to follow the MTO Internet Posting Process. In summary, you will need to:
1. Complete the MTO Web Content Proposal Form and send to
2. Draft your content and have it approved by your Strategic Advisor. You will need to translate your approved content into French and ensure all images and PDF’s are accessible.
3. Fill out the MTO Web Content Update Form and send to
4. Review the test page the web team creates for you before the content is published.
When creating new content, it is important to keep the…

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