Content Branding Operations Are Different From Those Of Advertising

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Content branding operations rely on objectives that are different from those of advertising. The aim of these operations is providing an overall deep engaging experience to the audience that encourages them to communicate with the brand and not merely conveying some information or a set of pre-decided messages. Reviewing some literature brings to light what could be defined as the three basic fundamentals of content branding.

(a) Intrinsic value

The first fundamental is the ‘intrinsic value’ of content delivered by luxury brands that is not directly associated with the products it sells. It is about captivating the essence of the product and expanding it into a wide spectrum of physical and responsive experiences that strengthens the offer made. These experiences are designed on a two-faced model of ‘consumer involvement’ and ‘relationship’ across different tangents: entertaining, useful, instructive, real world and more. Precise rules and regulations oversee the content production and execution by luxury brands. It takes birth in an exclusive culture that is very different from the usual culture of brand messages. In this culture, content campaigns are in sync with the rationality behind human aspirations. These aspirations don’t emerge always from a lack of owning some material objects; when someone wants such materialistic pleasures, one is also seeking to acquire what it culturally and publicly symbolizes. Luxury brands have the potential to meet these demands of a…

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