Analysis Of The Lynda Ux: Content Strategy

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As media strategist it is extremely important for us to know the flow of content strategy. Each content on a website, social media, or any other platform is planned out before hand. However, content is not published on the spot if you’re a media strategist, perhaps, it will run through a phase of strategy in order to maximize its value. As a matter of fact, the Lynda UX: Content Strategy course is a useful tool to understand how content strategy works and how to begin the process. With that being said, I took the proceeded to learn how content strategy works by providing a summary of the content learned in the course and the areas I will like to work on and how I will apply it to my current project as a Media Communications student at Full …show more content…
First of all, the first eye catching learning point was having a voice on a website platform. This was the primary eye catching learning point due to the fact, myself and many others don’t realize how important voice is for a website and how this is critical for content. Furthermore, I learned building a voice behind a platform has two factors: Audience profile, and subject matter. When writing content, I always tend to write in different styles, which is a bad habit for platforms because the voice is the perception of the brand so it needs to stay constant according to the Lynda UX: Content strategy course. Not only did I learn that voice must stay consistent but also the subject matter must be taken in consideration when …show more content…
Sometimes we tend to overload our website platforms with content we really don’t need and the sad truth content that’s not being used. In one of the lessons within the UX course, I learn how to audit content. As for myself, that’s the last thing I think about when I’m building a platform because that’s not my main expertise. However, now I realized when developing such platforms that having an auditing phase will enhance your website. In fact, one of the things I picked up from this course is that when developing a website, it is always useful to create an audit spreadsheet. That way when revising your website, you can rate the content based on usefulness, relevance, and other categories.
Not to mention, another key point that I learned from this UX: Content Strategy course is the important of developing a persona within the brand. In other words, you must provide a descriptive description within the platform so you can be found on search engines such as Google. For that reason, SEO is necessary to pick up on keywords that will bring traffic to your website by using key characteristics such as location, name, about section, and other information. Overall, personas are brand attributes the subject of the website and the subject

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