Essay about Content Analysis : Content Strategy

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As media strategist it is extremely important for us to know the flow of content strategy. Each content on a website, social media, or any other platform is planned out before hand. However, content is not published on the spot if you’re a media strategist, perhaps, it will run through a phase of strategy in order to maximize its value. As a matter of fact, the Lynda UX: Content Strategy course is a useful tool to understand how content strategy works and how to begin the process. With that being said, I took the proceeded to learn how content strategy works by providing a summary of the content learned in the course and the areas I will like to work on and how I will apply it to my current project as a Media Communications student at Full Sail University.
Before I begin explaining the areas of focus I will like to continue learning about I will like to point of the 3 points of interest that caught my eye during the UX: Content Strategy Lynda course. First of all, the first eye catching learning point was having a voice on a website platform. This was the primary eye catching learning point due to the fact, myself and many others don’t realize how important voice is for a website and how this is critical for content. Furthermore, I learned building a voice behind a platform has two factors: Audience profile, and subject matter. When writing content, I always tend to write in different styles, which is a bad habit for platforms because the voice is the perception of the…

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