Essay on Contemporary Perspectives Of Learning And Development

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Contemporary perspectives of learning and development have had a strong influential factor on how we perceive childhood today. However, the image of child cannot be easily defined. It encompasses the broad spectrums of age, cognitive, physical and emotional development, environment and the political parameters that sanction child to adult transitions. (James. A. & James, A. 2008 ) Also Complicating this is the notion by Sorin and Galloway(2006) that childhood is socially and culturally constructed and suited to differing adult ideologies that are imposed upon children. Further adding to these concepts is the theories of childhood learning and development and their complexities. These complexities lie in the attachment to evolution, biology and environmental contributors, opening Pandora ’s Box when questions are posed whether learning and development is a matter of nurture or nature or both. All facets of Human behaviour are affected by each working unanimously together. Deconstructed, our human potential is determined by nature and incorporates evolutionary and genetic traits which have been inherited from our parents and ancestors. Nurture refers to all the influencing factors that have helped shape our development and affects the ways that human potential is realised (John, 2001).
It is acknowledged by Bronfenbrenner ( 1995) that these cumulative interactions enormously impact on the construct of child and has direct implications on the child’s learning and…

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