Contemporary Methods Essay

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The urgency is that last years the imperative need of using a foreign language appears in all areas of a science, manufacture and culture.
Importance and openness of the problem of effective teaching foreign languages have caused its topicality, and consequently the choice of a theme for the given course work.
In present practice of teaching foreign languages there is a problem facing the teacher to address to experience of the colleagues, to innovative ideas, to a science, is that low authority of a subject because of shortages of a present technique of teaching.
Aim to investigate the role of contemporary methods in teaching foreign languages, to distinguish the most rational techniques of teaching a foreign language
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That means the methodical principles underlying teaching.
Principles of teaching are understood as starting statements which determine the purposes, the contents, methods and the organization of teaching and are shown in interrelation and interconditionality. In our case principles are used to define strategy and tactics of teaching English language at all stages practically in each point of educational process.
As far as the result of teaching of pupils foreign language is formation their skills of using language as means of intercourse, the leading principle is the principle of a communicative orientation.
Its main function is in creation of all conditions of communications: motives, purposes and problems of intercourse. The communicative orientation defines selection and the organization of language material, its situational conditionality, communicative value both speech and training exercises, communicative formulation of educational problems, organization and structure of the lesson. This principle assumes creation of conditions for speaking and intellectual activity of pupils during each moment of teaching [1;22-23].
Proceeding from the aforesaid teacher should follow the rules:
1) Principle of communicative orientation
• Rule 1 - Selection of situations.
• Rule 2 - Recurrence and novelty.
• Rule 3 - Participation of everyone in intercourse.
• Rule 4 - Favorable conditions for

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