Contemporary Challenges for Criminal Justice Administrator Essay

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This following paper is on contemporary challenges for the criminal justice administrator and will focus on the courts area. The major issues and satisfactions of this particular role will be described also. Also the questions of whether or not this course has helped prepare me will be discussed as well.
When it comes to a court administrator, they are generally selected by the County and Circuit Court Judges to assist Chief Judge in carrying out the administrative duties of the court. The overall responsibility of the Court Administrators office is to serve as staff to the Circuit and County Court Judges and to also oversee and supervise the operation of all the court programs. They also ensure that there is smooth operation of and
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Being a courts administrator also gives the power to implement procedures which can be beneficial not only to the public but also within the courts systems as well.
When it comes to this job and any other that a person may chose for a career there are issues that may arise and make the job difficult and very strenuous. The job of a courts administrator stresses the importance of meeting certain deadline, budgeting, public relations and the overall approval of the people as a whole section as well. In my personal opinion I believe that the budgeting would be the most difficult because it is imperative that your budget is appropriate according to the needs of the organization. Just as anyone knows in today’s world, it seems that it is easier to spend other people’s money than it is yours because most of the time you do not have to worry about the repercussions.
When it comes to the career of a courts administrator, individuals are always looking at the bottom line. That is why the importance of fiscal security is so important and should be treated just like OBSEC in the military that way no hints are given about misappropriated funds. I would always find a job that has no challenges completely boring and I would not want a job like that compared to a job that is full of many challenges because that will challenge your thinking to the top and will also make you a better person because you will strive for what you have and can do. That’s why the

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