Contemporary Cases Of Religious Persecutions Essay

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The perspective of women varies greatly cross-culturally. Some questions that do not have the same respond from a culture to another culture include: What age are they are considered adults, what age should they be married, and what age are they prepared for child bearing. These questions are fundamentally rooted in the culture, religion and political frameworks of each society. Watching the series of shorts films, some of the questions were answered. Contemporary cases of religious persecutions in more than 50 developing countries are a direct result of child marriages. In the first video,The Heartbreaking Truth About Yemen 's Child Brides (Journeyman Pictures), Abdulmalik Al-Taj, a professor of Islamic law, refers very strictly to the problem of sovereignty. He states that they should be able to rule themselves, under Islamic law, which makes it okay for children to be married. He targets organizations like the United Nations and local NGO’s to be working with a “western agenda," failing to acknowledge the culturally and religiously rooted traditions of that practice. However, local organization argue that they are not representing westerners, they are represent humans and fighting for they inalienable human rights. Anderson (2011) states “that in all religions, religious texts are interpreted. More fundamentalist tend to subordinate women, while different reading can support greater freedom for women.” This point of view is exemplified by the way muslims interpret the…

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