Clean Water Lab Report

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Final Lab Report


Body Paragraph #1 - Background: Clean water is one thing we share because it’s healthy, good for you and communities want to be away from all contaminants that are harmful, and your body needs to survive off of pure water. If your water is contaminated it’s true that viruses and diseases may be transmitted through the water because haves a negative impact on our health. “Water is crucial for the well-being of people. Due to industrialization, growing population , illiteracy the provision of safe drinking water will undergo global industry in near future”(Mishra & Nandeshwar, 2013) Climate changes are by any of our actions or through the quality of water. I personally haven’t seen any immense
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Some research I read stated “Drinking water contamination, leading to waterborne diseases, is a recurrent event worldwide. A recent study established that more than one out of every three water borne outbreaks in affluent nations was caused by sewage contamination in ground water” (2013) I don’t know when my drinking water is contaminated because my water goes through a septic system. In the experiment I had to test the water I drink for contamination and the result was positive for norvirus. A period septic systems evaluation should be wanted in all towns and countries across the world. I never really thought about this until I read this statement “Over half of Americans drink bottled water spending 240-10,000 times more per gallon for bottled water than they do for tap water, a trend largely fueled by the belief that bottled water is safer and healthier than tap water. Is the cost worth it? Controversial reports from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Gland, Switzerland, and the Natural Resources Defense …show more content…
Some of the questions I have had on my mind are, does the water I drink really have contamination in it? How can I stop my family from drinking nasty water that can harm them in the long run? This let society know why it’s important for them and the community to have running water that’s free from all kinds of contaminants. Also I want them to know why it’s important to raise awareness for water. When I say awareness I mean we need help to improve and maintain water quality. To sum this up I feel that issues like water pollution involving the environment doesn’t need to be forgotten because humans need water to

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