Consumers Attitude Toward Gray Market Beauty Products Essay

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6.1 Introduction

According to the findings and analysis of previous chapter, this section would first emphasize on the results and findings, then based on the research objectives to indicate the result of the research. In the end would refer the meaning of this research in the field of marketing and the future research direction.

6.2 Conclusion

Since the aim of this research is to examine the consumers attitude toward gray market beauty products in Taiwan, literatures has been reviewed to examine the features that affects the consumers attitude of such field. Previous researchers have suggest that price consciousness, price-quality inference and risk awareness are the dominant features of the consumer that would affect their attitudes. On the other side, the consumers attitude would relate to their willingness to purchase the gray market beauty products. This research has add the service quality as one of variable to examine the conceptual model, in addition, hypotheses have been suggested to match with the framework. Then, the questionnaire has been carried out to gather the data to evaluate and examine the hypotheses. In the end, multiple regression method was utilized to analyze the model and all the hypotheses has proposed.

6.2.1 Price consciousness

Base on the finding in chapter 5, there is a positive relationship between price consciousness and consumers attitude, which is correspond with hypothesis 1, the consumer perceived the same attitude toward smartphone…

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