Consumerism Of The United States Essay

1278 Words Nov 5th, 2014 null Page
The United States is a great country but it poses a great importance on consumerism. Our sense of social standing and belonging comes from what we consume and have in our possession. Even with the job market and economy going through the lowest point in U.S history people were still trying to achieve the “good life” instead of just trying to provide the necessities. The advertising industry knew that they could not just sell products to people, especially in this economic downturn; they had to sell “happiness”. It is upsetting how consumers think they can achieve this level of happiness by obtaining product after product. Marketing to people who really had no extra income to be buying extra pleasures was difficult for the advertising industry but because we are such a consumer driven nation the unnecessary indulgences were obviously still sold to the general public almost with disregard to the state the economy was in. Advertising is a huge moneymaker in the United States, and continues to grow each day. We have slowly been taught how to read advertisements and understand them so much that now we do not even need words to know what the advertisements are selling nowadays. “Advertisements are almost all imagistic modes of representation” (Jhally, 2011, p. 200). Knowing what ads are selling by just an image without even the company name shows how much we are bombarded with advertisements and how it is an active part of our culture. To continue, advertisements do not just…

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