Consumerism And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1630 Words Nov 25th, 2016 7 Pages
People spending more today than it used to be and have less value on things which is called consumerism. Consumerism is spending a lot of money on goods and services, that is leading to so many problems and food waste is one of them. Consumerism is causing the surplus in food production and consumers are spending a lot of money on food that they want, rather than what they need. In the documentary, “Wasted” filmmaker Karim Chorbog, shows about the strict food laws in Korea versus U.S, such as charging extra money in a restaurant for left over so people can avoid food wastage and etc. These laws being made due to heavy food wastage to save the landfills, waterways, and the environment. He documents that how Korea is utilizing their technology to turn food discard into valuable things which are also beneficial for the environment. Whereas American are wasting 6 billion tons of food every month which can cause a problem on a massive scale like water waste, we use 25% percent of water to produce the food that being thrown away. Besides that, it can also affect the environment very badly. However, people buy big bulks of food than it needed for their families, causes items to expire and increasing food wastage. I do agree that food waste affects the environment and believe that American society’s excessive consumption of food has become detrimental to our environment. Food wastages can be avoided with a better meal planning to protect our environment. It is really important…

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