Consumer 's Attitudes Towards Climate Change Essay

1255 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
For the most part, we, as a society, are drivers with our own various destinations, but one destination we all share is the future and the road we take to arrive there depends upon the very thing we sit in along the way. By exploring the subject of consumer’s attitudes towards climate change, we can get an idea as to how that affects the market for energy efficient transportation. Marketers are consistently trying to discover the best possible way to persuade consumers into making more energy efficient choices. These choices are critical when it comes to making a difference in climate change. If changes aren’t made in the near future, it may be too late to slow down global warming. When consumer’s positions towards these subjects are understood, marketers can make a more informed choice on how to persuade consumers into making smarter decisions. Discussing the topic of climate change can escalate into so much more. The question is: To what extent is the US market for electric cars, high MPG, hybrid cars, and hybrid trucks driven by consumers’ understanding of climate change, environment, ‘range anxiety’, and government’s role in the market?
The average American consumer can use this information to make informed decisions on their vehicle choices in the future. The audience would be people who can afford to buy an energy efficient car, new or used and drivers interested in making environmentally friendly choices. Also, anyone interested in how consumers make their choices.…

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