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Consumer Report 1

Consumer Union & Consumer Report

Sim Yi’en Evynn

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Consumer Report 2

There are five consumer buying decision processes and they are problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post-purchase evaluation. In my opinion, Consumer Reports information most impact information search. Information search involve two aspects of information search, the internal search and external search. As to how Consumer Reports information will impact the information search, I think that Consumer Reports will impact consumers more on the external search side.

The process of internal search is the act of searching through memories to recall previous
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Expensive, rare and complex products require more deliberation and more participation from the buyer. When the product is expensive and it is something the consumer lacks information about, any product features will make no sense to the consumer without much research and evaluation. Thus consumers tend to spend more time on researching and evaluating the product category (Networker2, n.d.).

Higher involvement occurs for the buyers develop beliefs and attitudes about the product and then make a thoughtful choice, hence extending the consumer decision making process. However, products like salt are bought under conditions of low involvement and insignificant brand differences. Consumers do not go through research for information and evaluation on brand characteristics extensively for they are cheap and often purchased simply out of habit. Therefore, for lower involvement products, the buying decision making process is less complex.

Feedbacks from consumers are being considered by companies and being referred into the buying decision process. Through this way, consumers will continue to look for higher value in the goods and services that they are procuring. This is a continuous cycle or process, where this will translate to the companies looking to come up with better goods and services to offer to the consumers, trying to better themselves against the competition and at the

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