Consumer Culture : Sports And Sporting Events Essay example

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In a similar vein, consumer culture in sport and sporting events is also greatly male-gendered in the past. Consumption of sport and sporting events in many cultures highlights the mechanism reinforcing and defining separation between men and women. Past studies (e.g. Hargreaves, 1994; Bell, 2008) noted that sports (e.g. golf and croquet) were informal and recreational in nature for women; women consumed sport to adorn beauty and indolence rather than competiveness (Bell, 2008). Unlike women, sport and sporting events have long been, as what Fischer and Gainer termed - a ‘male-only social institution’ (Fischer and Gainer, 1994: 85). Perhaps it is best illustrated by early form of ball games (e.g. mob football and Shrovetide football) in England. These games were violent and unfair in nature, originated from young working class males fighting for land and development of their manliness. McGinnis et al (2003) denoted that consumption of sports and sporting events, especially organised sports like basketball, football and rugby, is highly and significantly valued to men and their masculinity rather than on women and femininity (McGinnis et al, 2003). For example, advertisements on basketball products and events are traditionally targeted at male customers instead of female; males are the significant cherished consumers of sports and sporting events for long. Meanwhile, women are discouraged in sports participation or excluded from sports consumption.

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