Consumer Culture : Buying And Owning Items Essay

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Consumer Culture has been a part of our world for as long as during the late seventeenth century to early eighteenth century. However, comparing our society’s consumption back then, with the help of the media and technology, it has unsurprisingly increased immensely today. “Consumer Culture is a money driven culture within a society that is very much invested in purchasing and owning material possessions” (Belk). It focuses on the happiness that is gained through buying and owning items, and one of the main features the consumer culture has is purchasing power. The most important aspect of consumer culture is that people identify and characterize themselves by the things they own, and the service they purchase, and with the help of the media, consumer culture has become a norm in order to fit into a society. Defining what media consumer culture is, Kellner and Pierce writes, “Media Consumer Culture is the experience of individuals and groups within consumer capitalist societies, who are informed and influenced by a variety of different media, such as film, television, radio, newspaper, magazines, advertising, Internet, and other information and communication technologies” (p 2881). Consumer culture was originally limited to the United States, and other powerful European countries that had the economic power and resources to develop industries for the consumer culture, but with the arrival of global communication and the need for countries to export their products, consumer…

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