Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Review journal articles on what we know about how consumers use their memory. How does this knowledge inform what we know and what we could study for product placement?

Introduction – 200- 300 words

Product placement

Product placements can be defined as paid product information targeted affecting the viewers via the planned of a branded product into a television program, movie (Balasubramanian, 1994), computer and online game. As it is not totally stated in this definition, product placements have been applied for persuasive motivations, such as increasing product awareness and sales. Some of the merits of product placements include overcoming the difficulty of zapping because viewers are less likely to change the channel or
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The logic behind this conclusion is that a viewer’s processing of product placements in an entertainment situation might be different from their processing of ordinary advertisements. In ordinary advertising, viewers typically recognize the purpose of the product message and this activates viewer reluctance and persuasion knowledge, which can distribute to resist and limit persuasive influences (Lee and Faber, 2007).
Product placements in movies, videos, and other types of narrative media are by their very nature “partial” forms of consumer advertising. Unlike, traditional print media and advertisements, they would not precisely call attention to product characteristics and emotional advantages. Cowley (2008) argues that unveiling to product placement is different because the buyer is watching a movie or television program as a mode of entertainment. The difference within the two is that product placements, depending on the levels of their integration into the instrument, disturbs the viewing sense of the audience in an effort to either put together the product amid the action or advantage from state endorsements of the program. In this regard, product placement violate upon the viewer’s feeling of continuity.
But there is some evidence of negative attitudes emerging where entertainment marketing practices are not well integrated into the entertainment vehicle, but appear so obviously contrived

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