Consumer Behaviour Of Online Shopping

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Online shopping has become an important topic for research in the context of fashion consumption. Incorporating interactivity and offering both utilitarian and hedonic values for the online fashion consumer have been noted to be important strategies (McCormick & Livett, 2012). Following themes were considered regarding the behavior of the e-consumer such as consumers’ attitudes toward online stores and shopping, their beliefs, emotional factors, as well as store image and atmosphere (Dennis, Merrilees, Jayawardhena, & Wright, 2009). Shopping is an integral part of peoples’ lives yet it takes a small part of the overall online consumption practices, however, online fashion consumption is a wide phenomenon that has many elements, such as the virtual and material, commercial and non-commercial (Magaudda, 2011). The rise of social media and fashion-related consumer blogs provide evidence for this evolution (Kulmala et al., 2012). Selling is an art of persuasion for retailers. There are many factors that influence the behavior of consumers, but one of the main cues is the visual perception. When promoting new products on the market, often the most important factor for attracting the customer is the appearance, where the selection of the color plays a key role. Color has an influence on the brain, moreover, …show more content…
and Pieters, R. (2012). Consumer behavior. Johanneshov: TPB). There are many factors that affect acquisition, usage and disposition decisions which can be classified into four broad domains, as shown in the appendix, such as: the psychological core, the process of making decisions, the consumer’s culture, and consumer behaviour outcomes (Hoyer, W., MacInnis, D. and Pieters, R. (2012). Consumer behavior. Johanneshov:

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