Consumer Behaviour: Case Example of Loreal Essay

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Consumer Behaviour

For a product or service of your choice select a print or broadcast advertisement or campaign. Using appropriate theories and modules explain how your chosen marketing communication seeks to influence consumer behaviour. 1. Knowledge and understanding of psychological core: attention, perception, motivation, learning, attitude, and memory. 2. Knowledge and understanding of consumer culture: social class, household influences, personality, lifestyle, values and social influences. 3. Knowledge and understanding of the consumer decision making process

L’Oreal is the world largest cosmetics and beauty organisation, which is headquartered in Paris, France. L’Oreal has developed
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This experience does not have to affect the learner directly. Learning can occur through simple associations between a stimulus and a response or via a complex series of cognitive activities. Behaviour learning theories assume that learning take place as the result of responses to external events. (Solomon M et. al., 1999 p.65) Classical conditioning occurs when a stimulus that naturally elicits a response, in other words call an unconditioned stimulus. Which is paired with another stimulus that does not initially elicit this response. Cognitive learning occurs as the result of mental processes. For example, observational learning takes place when the consumer performs behaviour as a result of seeing someone else performing it and being rewarded for it.

Memory refers to the storage of learned information. The way information is encoded when it is perceived determines how it will be stored in memory. According to the information-processing perspective, there are three distinct memory systems: sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory. Products also play a role as memory markers; they are used by consumers to retrieve memories about past experiences and often valued for their ability to do this. Marketers has been using this theory to helps create advertising for their products and services because the company had to pay so much money to place their messages in front of consumers and it has been

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