Consumer Behavior Of DHL

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Consumer behavior:
The behavior of the consumers towards DHL is very much positive. DHL has filled a very important space in its market through its express delivery services. All the customers of DHL have complete trust in the service quality of the company and this is the only reason that makes to the company is leading in the industry in terms of market share, profitability and quality.
Consumers go through 3 stages while they are in the process of decision making:

Pre-Purchase Stage: DHL consumers are people who are looking for a service to ship something from a place to another whether it's a domestic shipment or an international one; they have the need of a fast and a high quality logistic service.
DHL arouse and motivate the customers
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DHL is more concerned about the quality of the services rather than how much they are charging for it
Pricing strategy:
The price strategy that DHL is using is market skimming, because this strategy brings the business revenue and market share, This strategy will work if the market is large enough, if there are enough buyers, if there is high product or service demand, and if the company has a good (and low) cost structure. As we know DHL’s price were historically 20% - 40% higher than those of competitors. Competitors who followed DHL into new markets often pattern their pricing structure after DHL’s.
Even though DHL have one of the highest prices, DHL can hold out the market share by improving the quality of their service, so DHL should continue this strategy.
DHL’s set it prices according to product (service), weight, origin (sent location), and destination (delivery location). Prices for parcels are usually higher than for documents of equivalent weight due to extra cost for customs clearance, handling, packaging, and additional paper
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Balancing Demand and productive capacity:
Since that DHL is a shipment services it rarely faces a problem with Exceeded Demand, DHL has always been able to meet any expectation.

Complaint handling and service recovery:
DHL follows the following steps when it comes to complaint and service recovery:
1. Act quickly.
2. Provide adequate explanation.
3. Treat customer fairly.
4. Cultivate relationship with customer.
5. Learn from each complaint.
DHL has a great customer service; it keeps on giving tough time to its competitors by their perfect customer services and has managed to beat many of their competitors.
The use of technology has helped DHL to produce best results. They use resources to provide best-in-class results that derive from top-notch technology. Above all they have managed own Direct Marketing Research Institutes’ science which is helping the company to produce desired results and keep their customers happy and satisfied.
Improving quality of service: In the Global Forwarding business unit, DHL is working continuously to improve the overall service quality and ensure a uniform service level within the

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