Consumer Behavior exam questions Essay

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Bachelor of Business Programme
(Incorporating Graduate Diploma in Business & Graduate Certificate in Business)

Consumer Behaviour


The final examination for this paper is scheduled for Monday 16th June 2014

Time allowed:
3 hours plus 10 minutes reading time

The final exam consists of 4 essay questions. ALL questions are compulsory. Each question will be worth 10 marks for a total of 40 marks.

Possible questions:

Question 1

(a) Explain the peripheral route to persuasion and discuss the ways in which marketers can influence low-effort consumer attitudes.

(b) Because attitudes are learned
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(b) Explain how the following two cognitive personality traits have been useful in understanding consumer behaviour.

i. Visualisers versus verbalisers ii. Need for cognition

Question 6

(a) An opinion leader is a special source of social influence and is defined as an individual who acts as an information broker between the mass media and the opinions and behaviours of an individual or group.

i. Why is an opinion leader a more credible source of product information than an advertisement for the same product? ii. Are there any circumstances in which information from advertisements is likely to be more influential than word-of-mouth?

(b) Define the concept of social class. BRIEFLY explain THREE ways in which social class can affect consumption.

Question 7

Discuss why an understanding of consumer needs is important for marketing strategy. Explain specific ways in which an understanding of needs can be used to influence consumers. Provide an example to illustrate your answers.

Question 8

(a) How does the family influence the consumer socialization of children? What role does television play in consumer socialization?

(b) Do husbands or wives have the most influence on buying decisions? Explain your answer using examples.

Question 9

(a) Identify and briefly discuss four defining characteristics of opinion leaders.

(b) Why is it important for marketers to segment the market

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