Constructive Feedback Worksheet Essay

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University of Phoenix Material
Individual Worksheet: Constructive Feedback (Due Week Two)
There are four guidelines for effective feedback:
1) Describe the situation or behavior
a) specifically
b) without making assumptions
c) in concrete terms, not judgments
2) Explain your reaction to the behavior, or the consequences of the behavior
a) specifically
b) related to the behavior, not the person
c) calmly
d) without exaggeration
3) Request a change (if needed)
a) realistically
b) invite discussion
4) Express the potential results of change (if needed).
a) realistically
b) specifically
Exercise #1
Read the following descriptions of situations or behavior and mark the response in each set that is most appropriate.
1) In
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This is the first time it has happened.
When you leave the warehouse door unlocked, thousands of dollars worth of equipment are at a greater risk of theft. Beginning today, I’d like for you to double check to ensure you’ve locked the door before you leave. What kind of reminder can we put together to ensure you remember to check? By taking this extra precaution of double-checking, you help ensure the safety of our company’s equipment.

10) One member of your Learning Team is consistently late with his portion of the assignments. You are now working on your final assignment, worth 20 points, and this member has again not submitted his section on time. It is now one day past deadline established by the team for submitting deliverables.
When you are late with your portion of the assignments, the team becomes irritated because it slows down our work on the assignments. From here on out, we would like for your portions to be submitted by the predetermined deadline. Is there any kind of system that we can help you set up which will ensure that these deadlines are possible for you? By submitting your portions on time, our team will have the time required to fine tune our assignments before the final due dates and times.

11) One of your employees finally completes a complex procedure correctly, after many attempts.
When you require many attempts to complete a complex procedure, I get frustrated with the time we lose. We

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