Construction Techniques Essay

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PM3150 – Construction Techniques

Chapter 5 Questions, pg 219

3. What are the differences between balloon framing and platform framing? Platform: a) Studs in platform framing extend only from the top of one level of framing to the bottom of the next. b) In platform framing the studs and sole plates rest on the top of the floor platforms. Balloon: a) Studs in balloon framing extend unbroken from the foundation to the roof. b) Firestops are required in balloon framing to close the cavities in the wall against the passage of fire. c) Floor joists in balloon framing rest on a wood ribbon (also called ribband) recessed into the studs. d) Studs n balloon framing rest on the sill. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
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Several modified version of the balloon frame were subsequently developed in an attempt to overcome these difficulties. The most recent of these, the platform frame, is now the universal standard.

4. Why is little added fire stopping required in platform framing? Because each platform is a complete solid surface in the horizontal plane with very few openings between stories, unlike balloon framing where the floors were build against the studs instead of on top of them.

5. Why is a steel beam or glue-laminated wood beam preferred to a solid wood beam at the foundation level? Steel and glulam are stronger than solid wood, shrink less (or not at all), and are straighter.

6. How is a platform frame building braced against wind and earthquake forces? Walls are sheathed with either plywood or OSB, which provide permanent, very stiff bracing, or with diagonal let-in bracing. Also walls are attached to the foundation or floor platform with metal hold-downs to prevent the walls from pulling up off the foundation or floor platform.

7. Light framing of wood is highly combustible. In what different ways does a typical building code take this fact into account? The building code severely reduces the size of building that can be build using light wood construction as compared to other types of less combustible construction.

Chapter 6 Questions, pg 253

3. Which types of siding require a

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