Essay about Construction Of A New Pipeline For Sufficient Water Supply

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The Bay City town council has proposed the construction of a new pipeline for sufficient water supply in the area. The pipeline is presumed to be 10 km long, and its construction will affect all aspects of the city. We have chosen fifty issues that might occur as a result of the construction. In this paper, we will provide an explanation of all the issues that we have detailed out in the impact worksheet. We have chosen three main criteria’s that might be affected by the issues and they are: People, Planet and Profit. The Site storage might have a positive impact on the labor opportunities as it can create potential job opportunities. It might certainly have positive impacts on increasing materials and water supply (Moring, Frederick). But it might cause the profit margins to cut back. Waste removal and management might also increase labor opportunities. It will have a positive impact on the society and the customer. Waste removal will also create a great amount of materials and energy sources (Moring, Frederick). But again, it might impact negatively on the profit in terms of, ROI, Economic growth, and business flexibility.

Maintaining a hygiene worksite will impose positive impacts on the labors as well as the society and customer but it may also draw back the profit. Maintaining traffic while construction will also have positive impacts on labor practices and customers. But bad management can cause negligence on human rights. It won’t presumably have…

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