Construction Floor Systems Essay example

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Floor systems

The floor system is the primary horizontal building structure which must withstand both live loads and dead loads, (BCA Part B1.2) (AS 1170.1). Any flooring system consists of linear beams and joists to distribute floor loads evenly throughout floor surface, transferring horizontal loads down to vertical structures such as beams, columns or load bearing walls.

Floor systems must safely support moving loads. A floor system should be relatively stiff while maintaining its elasticity. If there is too much deflection and vibration, it can badly affect both the floor and ceiling finishes, as well as affecting the amenity of people who live in the space. The important control factor is therefore deflection.

A number of
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Wood flooring is commonly used in single or two storey house construction as heavier or more expensive materials are not required to span the typically small spaces between walls.

Steel flooring systems require prefabrication and delivery which must also be taken in to consideration.

This report will focus on reinforcement concrete and steel frame flooring systems since they are commonly used in high rise constructions. Our selected building has used a steel frame and in situ slab on steel decking.

Concrete flooring is flexible in span and loads depend on design of structure and commonly used in wide variety of low to high rise constructions. Construction can be precast off site or onsite cast in to almost any shape. However, it needs more on-site labour to create form work).

Different types of reinforced concrete floor slab

One-way slab

Slab is supported by structure on either end of slab and used for relatively short spans

One way joist slab

This is used for longer spans and heavier loads. It is not ideal for large concentrated loads.

Two way waffle slab

Ideal for long spans and heavy loads

Two way flat slab

Supported by columns and no beams needed. Ideal for limited height clearance spaces like car parks.

Two way flat plate

Maximum height

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