Constraints For A Personal Project

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Homework #1 – Personal Project Story
Meetali Vaidya
Over the past years many industries are moving towards IT systems to gain competitive edge in their domains. As a result, technology projects are getting larger and are increasingly gaining greater impact over various parts of the organization. In fact, they carry huge stakes and pose a risk to the company if they fail. Successful project execution is becoming an organizational priority[1]. Evidently, the field of IT project management has gained much more importance over the last few years.
The three most important and divergent constraints that all projects undergo – The Tipple Constraint of project management – are scope, time and cost. One of the first tasks in a brand new project is planning,
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A project manager may make incorrect estimations of time and cost by not considering leave plans, sickness, training courses, and other non-working time, such as attendance at company meetings. Therefore it is important that the effort to be spent on tasks is reassessed on a regular basis. The CHAOS report (1994) also suggests that a significant number of projects undergo changes in requirements and specifications throughout the process [3]. In modern business conditions, where change is incessant and constant, change in one aspect of the project raises a need for the other constraints associated with it to be revised too. Absence of revised planning to accommodate changes may also cause a project to be left challenged in the area of delivered quality or in fact, to ultimately …show more content…
Every day, project managers are faced with decisions, both strategic and tactical, that impact every dimension of the project [2]. The goal of project management should be to have the project delivered on-time and within budget while still maintaining the highest level of quality [2].

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