Constantine 's Victory At The Milvian Bridge Essay

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Constantine’s victory at the Milvian Bridge over the fellow but rival ruler of the Western Roman empire, Maxentius and his army, became a great triumph for the consolidation and growth of Constantine’s power and with it the development of Christianity. David Potter, author of Constantine the Emperor, argues that Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus, or more commonly known as Constantine, “is best known as the emperor of Rome who converted to Christianity and in doing so made it possible for Christianity to become a world religion.” With the growth of Christianity Potter’s assertion is hard to argue – Constantine does indeed deserve his place as the most authoritative ancient force responsible for initially allowing the incubation of the vast faithful following of Christianity to develop to the scale it is today. Further, Potter states with this action that Constantine “changed the modern world” with his acceptance of Christianity (and all other religions) more than any other Roman emperor. But, these arguments are nothing new to the topic and are commonplace in the discourse surrounding Constantine’s place in the chronicles of the Roman world and its’ ruling elites. So, what makes David Potter’s contribution to the topic different? What Potter’s academic book attempts to add is a few different angles. One is in his approach by offering a different perspective to what is an already detailed scholarship on Constantine’s conversion to Christianity. His approach is…

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