Constantine 's Influence On The Church And The Religion Essay

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Constantine is one of the most powerful men in Rome, he became the emperor in 306. His conversion to Christianity had a huge impact on the Church and the religion itself. Constantine had a vision right before Milvian Bridge battle. He and his army saw a cross of light in the sky above the sun with words that are in Greek. The words were In hoc signo vinces, which translates to In this sign conquer. Later that night, Constantine had a dream, he saw Christ, who had a message for him. Christ told him to use the sign of the cross against his enemies. Constantine then had the Christian symbol marked on his soldiers’ shields. Constantine won this fight and he believed that it was the god of Christians that made it happen. He was converted to Christianity in 312, but he got baptized 25 years, later on, his deathbed. Emperor Constantine 's conversion to Christianity was bad for the church because he had killed a lot of people who were not Christians. However, him converting to Christianity made the religion more common.
The early Church was suffering because of Constantine becoming the emperor. The Diocletian persecution, thousands of Christians have lost their lives, churches were crushed and scriptures were burned by the Roman government. When 312 came, the situation turned around. Constantine announced the famous Edict of Milan, declaring that Christianity is now a legal religion. Christians were no longer enemies of the government. This law supplied full religious freedom for…

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