Constantine 's Conversion Of Christianity Essays

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Constantine’s conversion to Christianity was a pivotal turning point in the highly pagan regime of the Roman Empire (Afoldi, 1948). There has been much speculation by historians and scholars surrounding whether the conversion to Christianity was a carefully articulated political maneuver by Constantine, for military supremacy of the Roman Empire.

Historically, scholars suggest that the context in which Constantine was said to have converted to Christianity was a militaristic based context, with the military being a recurring prominent theme throughout the conversion story.

Furthermore, we must remember that prior and during the reign of Constantine, the religious context of the Roman Empire was highly polytheistic. It is evident, that the Roman Empire was home to a notoriously pagan based religion, with the suppression and persecution of Christianity (Afoldi, 1948).

The conversion story, as recounted by two contemporaries of Constantine, notably Eusebius and Lactanius, both loosely detail around a similar dream (Leadbetter, 2009). As reported, Constantine had a vision where he believed to see the letters of the Christian God, and an inscription which read ‘Hoc Signo Victor Eris’ a Latin phrase translating to ‘In this sign you will conquer’ .

The reason as to why this story is of significant importance is that throughout history there have been numerous occurrences of generals having visions prior to battles, quite dissimilar to the one Constantine occurred. Throughout…

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