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Math 7a Worksheet #7
Lesson 7: Unit Rate as the Constant of Proportionality


Example 1: National Forest Deer Population in Danger?

Wildlife conservationists are concerned that the deer population might not be constant across the National Forest. The scientists found that there were 144 deer in a 16 square mile area of the forest. In another part of the forest, conservationists counted 117 deer in a 13 square mile area. Yet a third conservationist counted 216 deer in a 24 square mile plot of the forest. Do conservationists need to be worried?

a. Why does it matter if the deer population is not constant in a certain area of the national forest?

b. What
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a. Is the number of cookies proportional to the number of sheets used in baking? Create a table that shows data for the number of sheets needed for the total number of cookies needed.


| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

The Unit Rate is __________.

Constant of Proportionality:

Meaning of Constant of Proportionality in this problem:

e. It took 2 hours to bake 8 sheets of cookies. If Brandon and his mother begin baking at 4:00 pm, when will they finish baking the cookies?

Example 3: French Class Cooking

Suzette and Margo want to prepare crepes for all of the students in their French class. A recipe makes 20 crepes with a certain amount of flour, milk, and 2 eggs. The girls know that they already have plenty of flour and milk but need to determine the number of eggs needed to make 50 crepes because they are not sure they have enough eggs for the recipe.

b. Considering the amount of eggs necessary to make the

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