Considering Brexpiprazole And Its Role As Managing Schizophrenia

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Considering Brexpiprazole and its Role in Managing Schizophrenia
This review investigates the use of brexpiprazole, a recently approved antipsychotic, for use within the realm of treatment options for schizophrenia. Considerations such as efficacy, tolerability and safety are explored.
The strategies used within this study were initiated by employing the use of placebo, aripiprazole and brexpiprazole groups whereby researchers could compare and contrast them in different trials. These trials included examining the effectiveness of different doses for the purpose of lowering symptoms that were severe in nature, and evaluating the results of a maintenance study which would reduce the chance of relapse or deterioration in recovery (Scarff, 2016, p. 27).
Brexpiprazole was tolerable in acute studies and proved superior to placebo in one of the varying-dose studies (Scarff, 2016, p. 27). In addition, it was also found to reduce Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) and Global Impressions – Severity Scale (CGI-S) test scores.
While playing a role in diminishing adverse effects, brexpiprazole also minimized acute schizophrenic symptoms in addition to relapse prevention. Therefore, brexpiprazole is considered to be another viable option when treating mental health patients suffering from schizophrenia (Scarff, 2016, p. 28).

Examining Various Support Levels Aroused for Schizophrenia Versus Other Disorders
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