Conservatives Criticism Against Discrimination Employment Essay

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Conservatives Criticism Against Discrimination Employment
From the Civil Rights Act, the Green VS. County School Board and the Grigg V. Duke case and many other cases, the racial affirmative action has allowed new formations of laws and rights for many who have been discriminated against. In Whitewashing Race by Michael Brown in chapter five, the Civil Rights contributed greatly to the progression of employment discrimination law. He covers criticism from conservatives upon employment discrimination, employment requirements, and court filing. Ever since the book has been published he number of unsolved EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) court cases, and wage gaps between minorities, specific blacks, latinos and women persists, this paper will update on those specifics. The Civil Rights Movement in 1965 played an impactful role for African Americans. One of the objectives through the Civil Rights Movement was to enact an employment discrimination law. According to Brown (2003) the Thernstroms and other conservatives critique employment discrimination, which includes the Title VII law with comments such as saying that also regulates unintentional discrimination as well.The Griggs v. Duke Power case raised other criticism that the law would be discriminating for whites as well because the “hire by quota” meant that white had to hire diverse employers. And many whites were concerned that they would be wrongly framed discriminating if they did not hire…

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