Essay on Conservative And Liberal Women Run For Office

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What are some key differences in the ways that Conservative and Liberal women run for office? What are some key differences in the media coverage of each, and why?
Generally “…voters tend to stereotype women as liberal and men as conservative (97). The ways in which women run for office differs in a wide variety of ways. There are conservative female runners and liberal ones. There are key differences in the ways in which they want to be covered by the media and are covered without the desire. Each of them uses different tactics to gain votes. They…differ in their backgrounds, reasons for running, and…issues they prioritize (97). Conservative and liberal women run for office and have differences in their media coverage, why is that? Southern states are generally Republican while northern ones are generally democratic. …media often cover men’s and women’s campaigns differently (94). …Women tend to run and do well in northern states, in non-traditional political cultures, in urban areas, and where voters have high levels of socioeconomic status of high numbers of minorities (98). …Typically ….own on social policies and women’s issues (98). …candidates…bring distinctive attributes to campaigns (97). Women, for example, are more likely to run negative or attack ads against their opponents. Women who are liberals are generally not taken seriously and portrayed as being angry when in reality, they are stating their opinion just as others do. “…What characteristics and issues the…

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