Consequentialist And Rule Utilitarianism

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Utilitarianism is making decisions that will bring out the most delight in the majority of people. Consequentialist and utility are the two fundamental principles that utilitarianism is based on. The consequentialist principle is what decides what is correct or incorrect based on the consequences. The utility principle is decided on which consequence is the best decided by the amount of satisfied or unsatisfied people. These principles introduce two formulations: act- and rule-utilitarianism. Act utilitarianism, or direct utilitarianism, is based on the act of the effects of the act alone. This means that if something happens and there is more good done for the majority of people, then it is okay for what ever has happened. I think that Act-utilitarianism says that what ever you do, where stealing, killing, or fighting, as long as it makes the majority happy, it is okay. The problem with act-utilitarianism is that I think it can backfire on innocent people. If someone does something wrong and he or she blames someone else that had nothing to do with it, it is okay if everyone is happy. This is not the right thing to do so this is why rule-utilitarianism was introduced. Rule-utilitarianism, or indirect utilitarianism, is based on making a certain decision on rules that have been set in place. The rules that are set are considered morally correct …show more content…
I think that the most happiness would come out of the better man Paul from his past compared to John. People would feel that John does not deserve the kidney because of the things he does. Paul has been a good man serving his church for four decades and deserves the kidney for all the good he has done in his life. I would be in the majority of the people being for Paul receiving the kidney before John. I think that the kidney would be a reward for him being the man that he is, and letting his last days on earth not be spent in the

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