Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

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Register to read the introduction… Of the teens to become pregnant, only 32% will graduate from high school (Hoffman et al., 2008). It can be a struggle to stay in high school while trying to raise a baby, especially if the teen does not have access to child care. Child care comes with a big expense and it is easier for the teen to not go to school. However, dropping out of high school has negative consequences for the mother and the baby. The mother’s education level is the main predictor of the baby’s life outcome. If the mother does not receive a high school diploma, the chances of living in poverty are increased (Strunk, 2008). The group can educate mothers on alternative ways to obtain a high school diploma. There are many options the teens can use to obtain a high school diploma. One alternative is obtaining a G.E.D. There are also program that allow teens to finish high school in their home. The most important thing the group can do is encourage the mothers to finish high school and teach them the negative consequences of not finishing high school. Obtaining a well-paying job will be difficult without a high school diploma. The girls will also not be able to continue their education without a high school diploma. Living in poverty can lead to a lack of many necessities of life such as health care (Hoffman et al., 2008). Not having health care can put the baby at risk because they are not receiving routine …show more content…
Therefore, it is not therapy based. This can be beneficial when working with teenagers because therapy can be viewed as a negative thing. For some cultures, seeking therapy may even be out of the question. If the group is based on developing skills, it takes away from the therapy aspect. Since many of the teen mothers are not ready for motherhood, the group can provide them with the necessary parenting skills they will need to know. By teaching them parenting skills, the girls can be more confident in their parenting abilities. Along with parenting abilities, the girls can be taught coping strategies that they can use when they are in stressful situations. When they know how to appropriately handle a situation, they are less likely to take it out on their children. Also, keeping their stress at a low level will have positive benefits for the parent-child

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