Separation In Society

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Society in the modern world has grown cold of valiantly, courageous men. In the early days, men were bold as lions fighting for survival and protecting the families. These were men who lived boldly by the sword and who were truthful. Men of this sort were full of integrity and value; these were aggressive men who never took no for an answer. As time goes by, the world begins to try to understand what happened to all the men? Where did they all go? In today’s generation, the key elements that merits a boy becoming a man, simply lies within the home. Many children in society today are left absence of warmth; fatherless. Being raised in a generation where a mother takes full responsibility in taking part in her children’s life, (especially a …show more content…
But above them all the only reason that one should leave another is adultery. Adultery is the most repulsive, shameful offence one could cause in a marriage. Although couples leave another for lighter reasons than adultery, especially if they have a family, separation is never a good outcome. Separation in marital status causes depression and distress in many children. Children grow up depending on their parents and then one day dad and mom are separated. The separation between the two causes many emotional distresses among a child. Don’t the parents know how hard their children will have coping in society? Seeing happy, complete families can make a fatherless child have low self-esteem, and difficulty relating to other children. Another fatherless child will have to live his/her life without their dad. This can cause a dramatic effect on any child. Because of the family being so unstable it could cause an unstable life for that child. The child could also have many troubles growing up due to the lack of an authority figure in their lives. I also believe that young boys would lose their confidence in who they are and what they could become because they have no father to guide their dreams and goals. There are many deficiencies in children that develop over time being with a father. These short comings are a myriad of maladies, drinking problems, drug abuse, suicidal tendencies, confused identity, emotional distress, uncooperative behaviors, and most of all no fatherly

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