Professional Athletes Essay

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Another negative effect from fame and success is the involvement with crime. Not only are serious crimes a massive problem in the world, but one especially hears a lot about professional athlete committing crimes. Professional athletes are idolized more than people realize. Professional athletes are influential leaders that need to be disciplined by following codes of morals and ethics. If they do not follow the standards, than other people who want to be like them are looking up to someone who is making poor choices. If “many people get inspired by athletes,” than they should be expected to follow rules just like average people. When an average person commits a crime, they have specific consequences that they need to follow. It should be …show more content…
Serious crimes, managing money, the amount professional athletes are paid, and their egos are all examples of why they are set on a greater pedestal. Americans understand that professional athletes “want to be paid their MRP,” which stands for marginal revenue product, but they do not need to be receiving millions and millions of dollars. Along with professional athletes always being on the media for entertainment, they “should be good role models, but not heroes. A role model is someone that those who love you would want you to be like. A hero is just someone the general public holds up to acclaim. They are often different people.” People often define professional athletes as heroes when they are really just role models, whether they are a good role model or a bad role model is their choice. A professional athlete should have higher standards than average people because of all the people who watch every slight mistake they make. Being set with higher standards does not mean that they are set on a higher pedestal. Absolutely nobody is superior to anyone else, and therefore, should not be set on a higher pedestal. “Everyone has to fill their role” for whatever they accomplish in life and some people have a bigger impact, but it does not mean that they are better than anyone else. Everyone needs to be held to the same expectations. Success may have something to do with possessions and money, but that

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